mujik CPJ

mujik CPJ = the compositions of CPJ Mujik

Those of you who are interested in performing the toughest of the toughies on the face of the earth, at least, THIS IS IT!
It will lead you to the days of the hardest possible struggle in practicing every aspect of music, harmony, melody, rhythms,  written and to-be-improvised. You are definitely in for a surprise getting to know that the coolest sound derives from the toughest music figures! is the sheet music of the best 50 CPJ compositions.

mujik CPJ = CPJの主要楽曲群



All compositions by Akihiko ‘JOKER’ Matsui.  (作編曲/ 松井秋彦)s_mujikcpj2.JF002

mujik CPJ  (50曲)¥7,777(外税)


mujik CPJ +album CPJ  セット価格 ¥10,000(内税)

Junky Funk
    (compositions for keyboards)

JF001. Junky Funk video1 video2 video3 video4 video5
JF002. Funky Junk video1 video2
JF003. Straight Flash video1 video2 video3
JF004. Jack-in-the-Box video1
JF005. J&F video1
JF006. Metropolis video1
JF007. Out-of-the-Blue video1 video2
JF008. Cyberjaya video1
JF009. Brand New Life video1 video2
JF010. Fujack

Line Drive
 (compositions for guitar)

LD001. Jubilance
LD002. Flamboyance

LD003. Clairvoyance
LD004. Framboise
LD005. Reflections
LD006. Fondant Fountain
LD007. Jazz Skippin’
LD008. Asteroid Belt
LD009. Line Drive
LD010. Chess on the Deck

(compositions for bass)

JP001. Jackpot
JP002. Funky Funk
JP003. JL723
JP004. Fantail Forest
JP005. Jazz Tsunagi
JP006. Jazzka?
LP007. Jakuzure
JP008. Endless Daylight
JP009. Groove K
JP010. Hip Jive

Groove X (compositions for drums)

GX001. Groove X

GX002. Jive Five
GX003. Jive Seven
GX004. Oceanfront
GX005. Ondo Ondo
GX006. Fireworks
GX007. Jindaiji
GX008. Nishiharuchka
GX009. High-Energy Stuff
GX010. Getaway Gateway

Fjord Sound (compositions and lyrics for vocal)

FS001. The Colors of Light
FS002. Emerald Valley
FS003. Bird’s Eye Prospects
FS004. Limonnaya
FS005. Firefly
FS006. Fly Blind
FS007. Lakes & Forests’ View
FS008. Labyrinth
FS009. Fjord Sound
FS010. Kaleidoscape