Fjord Sound

Fjord Sound(semi-CPJ songs and lyrics for Vocal)

 As opposed to the other CPJ concepts, Fjord Sound basically doesn’t satisfy the rhythmic complexity, it concentrates on harmonic complexity and philosophical lyrics.

It’s consecutively been expanding the threshold limit value of frequency in harmonic modulation in vocal compositions whenever the newest Fjord Sound tune is written, with its extremely multi-modal multi-tonal harmony and vertically hybrid chord structures.

It’s also characterized by the movement against the universal tendency of love-song lyric paradise. The lyrics of Fjord Sound songs are consistently philosophical, while most of zillions of songs that exists on the face of the earth boast of their love-song lyrics. If all the song lyrics are  written for love, doesn’t it sarcastically mean human being might be willing to give up its superiority over the other creatures?

The name ‘Fjord Sound‘ comes from Fjord (fjord in Norwegian language) and Sound(fjord in English language used in New Zealand), so the two words both mean ‘fjord’.

Fjord Sound(フィヨルドサウンド)とは、CPJ Mujikにあって、歌詞のある歌ものコンテンポラリージャズのコンセプトで、同時にレーベル、ジャンルそして、時折バンドサウンドとして機能しています。



☆Fjord Sound (CPJ written for vocal)

41.FS001.The Colors of Light (Obersee, Germany)             video1
42.FS002.Emerald Valley (接岨峡, Japan)                            video1
43.FS003.Bird’s Eye Prospect (Mesocco, Switzerland)    video1 video2
44.FS004.Limonnaya (Хабаровск, Russia)                         video1
45.FS005.Firefly (Silver Spring,MD.U.S.A.)                         video1
46.FS006.Fly Blind (Ålesund, Norway)                                  video1
47.FS007.Lakes & Forests’ View (Joensuu, Finland)         video1
48.FS008.Labyrinth (神流, Japan)                                           video1
49.FS009.Fjord Sound (Geirangerfjord, Norway)             video1
50.FS010.Far East Jingle (京都, Japan)


The Colors of Light /Fjord Sound

前代未聞の複雑怪奇なハーモニーのボーカルジャズ!Fjord Sound第2弾!

The Colors of Light / Fjord Sound FS-0002   ¥2,500(tax included)

Jazz Life(2012年6月号102ページ)に長門竜也氏によるディスクレビューが掲載されています


1. 41.FS001.The Colors of Light
2. 49.FS009.Fjord Sound
3. 51.KS001.Kaleidoscape
4. 45.FS005.Firefly
5.44.FS004. Limonnaya 
6. 100.DV010.Deja Vu
7. One-Note Bossa
8. That’s the Way It Is
9. Cafe Socis
10. Take the ‘F’ Train to ‘J’ St.

All Compositions by Akihiko ‘JOKER’ Matsui (松井秋彦)

Yuki Maeda (前田祐希) Vocal
Akihiko ‘JOKER’ Matsui(松井秋彦)Piano, Keyboards, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Voice-Percussion, Vocal
Terumichi YAMADA(山田晃路) Acoustic Bass
Ittoku Shimamura(嶋村一徳)Drums




‘The Sound of Fjords’ / Fjord Sound

CPJの中で最もハーモニーに傾倒したコンセプト、Fjord Sound第1弾!

The Sound of Fjords / Fjord Sound FS-0001 ¥2,500(tax included)



1. Simplify Your Life(シンプルに生きよ)
2. 47.FS007.Lakes & Forests’ View(森と湖の風景)(FS007)
3. 42.FS002.Emerald Valley (エメラルドの泉)(FS002)
4. 48.FS008.Labyrinth (迷宮)(FS008)
5.43.FS003. Bird’s Eye Prospects (鳥瞰)(FS003)
6. 91.DV001.Ju-la-pi-lu-la-cha-di (ジュラッピルカッチャディ)
7. 46.FS006.Fly Blind (夢想飛行)(FS006)
8.96.DV006. Swifty (バイカル湖のスウィフティー)
9. 93.DV003.Vinterhavn (ノルウェーの喫茶店)
10.98.DV008. Bumpy Vamp (波瀾万丈)

All Compositions by Akihiko ‘JOKER’ Matsui (松井秋彦)

Yuki Maeda (前田祐希) Vocal
Akihiko ‘JOKER’ Matsui(松井秋彦)Piano, Keyboards, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocal, Finland Mug
Shinichi Kato(加藤真一) Acoustic Bass
Ittoku Shimamura(嶋村一徳)Drums


41.FS001.The Colors of Light (Obersee, Germany)


The fog was like the icebergs on an immense tract of deserted shoreline that’s so THICK,
along Antarctic strETCHES.
Symbolic of an innocent guy who has spent his life imprisoned without eTHICK,
which ruined his life skETCHES.

Off and on, the blurred sunlight blended and turned the cloud vaguely brIGHT.
Just for a while, unveiled an unveiled pool of cobalt green came in sIGHT.

Reflected on the water is the cloud that seems like the mood from the abyssal benTHIC,
as bizzare as the feTCHES.
It might be like floating by the boomerang nebula since things were neoliTHIC,
being bored to tears like wreTCHES.

At the end, the sunlight managed to find a crevis in the cLOUD.
All of a sudden, a whole spectrum of brighter lights were aLLOWED.
Oh, that was much like the sound of fjord that is not too LOUD.
Miraculously dramatic changes in ‘The Colors of Light’.


42.FS002.Emerald Valley (接岨峡, Japan)

The profound vIEW
Far beyond a fEW
 of those mountains in sight
the hidden part of the breathtaking tableau in blUE
Blue in green makes the color emerald 

Deep into the subconscious mind
Far into the deserted land
So deep into the mountains
no one makes it there

Inside of yOU
resides a nEW
spectacle of the Emerald Valley flowing

 into the lake
emerald lake
reflecting the colors of various sEES
The colors of those coniferous trEES
 reflecting the ups and downs of
the complex mind of yours that keeps floating around

43.FS003.Bird’s Eye Prospect (Mesocco, Switzerland)


Wandering around the plain field
never knowing what you could do tomake it a game
that you might be finding so neat
though beating around the bush without reaching anywhere is worthless
so you have got to find the clue
 to take off the ground and
over the land we all live

Floating like a songbird
overlooking the land
far below you
would probably give you the right clue
The prospects you get from fAR
above in the aIR
so high in the aIR
visibility is so clEAR
Unbeatably spectacular sight of what is
ahead of you can be seen 


44.FS004.Limonnaya (Хабаровск, Russia)

Looking out the window all that I see is
In my compartment there is Wolfgang from West Germany

Mila and Sveta form the heart of Moscow
are cheerful conductresses of the train.

Every once in a while they bring in our room some
Wafers of orange flavor and glasses of Russian tea.

Time and magpies fly to the city of Khabarovsk
Where we get off the train
Time to say Dasvidanya to my Limmonaya!


45.FS005.Firefly (Silver Spring,MD.U.S.A.)

There’s no more time left for us on the earth
It’s about time we left this wounded planet
No one knows how to breathe
Within the realm of sovereignTY
Radioactive densiTY
Men without generosiTY
Omnipresent atrociTY
Fireflies know how to fly out of hERE
I know they all glittER
They like nights bettER
Sooner or latER
Each of ‘em will pretend to be a shooting stAR
Flying from inner to outER
I would live on a stAR
That’s created by fireflies that once flew away from hERE
In pursuit of peace with warmER
Hearts and brightER
Skies and purER
Air of Firefly


46.FS006. Fly Blind


So jubilantLY
Mt. McKinLEY
Fly Blind


So clandestineLY
Don MattingLY
Fly Blind

Fly Blind       Fly Blind       Fly Blind
Fly as the east wind blows
Fly as the west wind blows
Fly as the south wind blows
Fly as the north wind blows

As you can see you’ll find it there
All the cool hip licks you want
Imagine and let yourself   Fly Blind


47.FS007.Lakes & Forests’ View (Joensuu, Finland)

Nights are so bright in the northern lIGHT.

Scandinavian nights are always brIGHT.
That’s the way it can be in SwedEN.
Trains stop in the forest all of a suddEN.
Unlike the way it is in the middle of ManhattAN.
Station wagon cafes are drivEN
into the forest where coffe and bread are givEN.

Don’t remember having to walk muCH.
Drivers were so kind I din’t even hiTCH.
That’s the way it might be in NorWAY.
I got picked up on the WAY.
They all said they were heading for the same place anyWAY,
back from the trekking trails that LAY
towards pulpit rock WAY
over Lysefjord’s gateWAY.

Hospitality is the keywORD.
None of these friendly guys are absURD.
That’s the Finnish way of treating yOU.
Finland welcomes what you dO.
You will be inviter to their homes in JoensUU.
Bars on the trains are packed and nEUmorous
Lakes & Forests’ VIEW.


48.FS008.Labyrinth (神流, Japan)

MoSEY on downhill right along the lake.

CoSY place known to be a wriggling lake.

Rambling days seem to be worthless
though it’s indispensable
at some points in my life.

YOU might think it’s boring lonesome trip.
FEW of these places sound familiar to you.

Sometimes when life gets stangnant being stranded,
floating around like this might be a good way to

cure your mind’s stanstill
although your goal is nowhere.
Purely natural maze of forest.
Labyrinth, Labyrinth.
In an ancient hotel, write a tune called ‘Labyrinth
that tells you the meaning of this aimless drifting is.


49.FS009.Fjord Sound (Geirangerfjord, Norway) 

Wonder who painted the flowers on the earth so flamboyANT.
All the fjords ‘round the world are so brilliANT.

No one really knows who wanted the creatures to exIST.
In two billion years, everything will be lost in the mIST.

Whatever dimensions you might be in, the sound of fjords will last forever more!


50.FS010.Far East Jingle (京都, Japan)


The cool fancy nights featuring those who want to be ones
that in the end, unveil the mistery of wondrous lights
that is in the east end of the whole world.
The golden island that sits sticking out of great Eurasia.
That’s where ‘Far East Jingle’ stays

out of rEACH.
if you dIVE
on the big red Sibeian trAIN.

Hard to rEAH
through the vIBE
of the Silk Road lANE.

Eastern bEACH
so alIVE
unaccesible seems to gAIN

Far more fascinaing awesome atmosphERE.
Stricking gems of high-end goods all yEAR
People are so warm, nature is so wild, you’d find it hard not to stick around hERE!