Déjà Vu

☆Déjà Vu Mujik (jazz vocal CPJ)

91.DV001.Ju-la-pi-lu-ka-cha-di (Sligo Creek,MD.U.S.A.)
93.DV003.Vinterhavn(Trondheim, Norway)
94.DV004.Highlights  of Citylights (Cambridge,MA.U.S.A.)

95.DV005.Tension City (Forest Hills,MA.U.S.A.)
96.DV006.Swifty (Иркутск, Russia)
97.DV007.Drowsiness (指扇, Japan)
98.DV008.Bumpy Vamp (서울특별시, Korea)
99.DV009.Take the F train to J St.(Brooklin,NY.U.S.A.)
100.DV010.Déjà Vu (Paris, France)


 91.DV001.Ju-la-pi-lu-ka-cha-di (Sligo Creek,MD.U.S.A.)


Along Sligo Creek, ride a bIKE.
Nice scent of hot summer hIKE.

SqUIRrels are scurrying around wild mulberry trees.
SpUR-of-the-moment splurge on the ‘Explorer’.
SpURting summer days of cycling
StIR the land near the cathedral.

Just freeze some of my diet coke.
Reese, Snickers, and Doritos.

PARkway goes right along the stream of Rock Creek.
MARking the highlights of summer vacation.
MARs, Twix, and some Honey Roasted.
BARs of junk foods paradise.



Frantic Scatting walking down the hallway is just like when you tap down the stairs.
All kinds of idiosyncrasy when you’re not tipsy is so neat.
Flipping your pencil while you fill out the form is not as weird as frantic scatting.
Idiosyncratic tendencies. Idiosyncratic tendencies. Idiosyncratic tendencies.
Idiosyncratic tendencies help you stay well.

93.DV003.Vinterhavn(Trondheim, Norway)

The train stopped at Storlien, a frontier of Sweden out in the middle of nowhere.
That’s where you started talking to me totally out of the blue.
We both crossed the border into the Norwegian rANGES
of mountains where you said
‘It was something that chANGES
the rest of our journey around western fjords.
Trondheim lies on the west of all.
Trondheim knows the rest of all.

94.DV004.Highlights  of Citylights (Cambridge,MA.U.S.A.)

The hub is where the jazzy things are happening every single night!
The tension chords! multi-modal! polyrhythms!
Those Berklee days I jogged from Cambridge to Boston to be jazzier!

Cool stuff
that I come across
while I’m asleep
might turn out to be
the melody of my song

Cool stuff
that I come across
while I’m awake
might turn out to add some taste to the song I’ve written

Cool licks
that I come across
while I’m writing
might turn out to be
the melody of my tune

Cool licks
that I come across
while I’m playing
might turn out to add some taste to what I improvise

‘cause I want to live away from the city
though would be better off living around the campus
dicided to do my homework at school
Sounds like it’s a peace of cake to do your homework right there
That way I can run to school every morning
I see you’ve got nothing that you have to carry around
That’s right I’ve got both of my
hands free for jogging
When it’s a tough homework you find yourself running back home so late and end up crossing the river to see Highlights of Citylights

95.DV005.Tension City (Forest Hills,MA.U.S.A.)

Is it kind of weird that I prefer to come home
to where it is surrounded by forest, hills and waterSCAPES,
while I’m musician who is pretty much into the type of music
that implies urban modernization of some gorgeous citysSCAPES.
Right in between those two wholly different thINGS,
there has to be the reason why he sINGS,
I need to have both of those two swinging wINGS
to make my life a
bright, exciting, diversified one.
Something a finicky guy like me can be satisfied to the point
where I might wanna shout out ‘Yeah!’

96.DV006.Swifty (Иркутск, Russia)

Lonesome journey continues until I met you there
in Paris of Siberia where it was to be my last destination of this trip.
When I first saw you,
I never knew that I was gonna meet you later in a lethargic atmosphere.

On the dismal drizzly day,
heading for lake Baikal right through the dense white mist
that covered not only the landscape but also our flowing mind.
On the Swifty,
The pieces of chocolate you gave left the taste of bittersweet memories of Siberia.

97.DV007.Drowsiness (指扇, Japan)

Some of the lazy cozy ways
One of the tranquil Drowsy days,

out of work for a couple of months and 16 days.
Fretting is not the thing I want.
Just keep it laid back.
Never worry about what’s lying ahead of me,
lying on the floor.

Optimistic drowsiness comes in through the open windows.
Lay things aside way down the hall.

Daydreaming might be what I’ve done.
They might say that’s the way you somehow hang in there.

98.DV008.Bumpy Vamp (서울특별시, Korea)

What you’ve been telling me is totally wrong,
as far as I’m concerned.
As you might have noticed,
there’s some bumpy roads lying ahead of you.
Reshuffling,moving, job-hopping.
Out-of-the-frying-pan-into-the-fire type thing
might be something seen once in a while,
but sit upright and keep striving for some natural thing
that is not too tense or too laid back then you would surely
get out of the vicious cycle.
That would let you get rid of the bump
and that’s the time your steady glide sets in.
That’s the way it works!
That’s the reason I am saying,
‘What you’ve been telling me is totally wrong!’

99.DV009.Take the F train to J St.(Brooklin,NY.U.S.A.)

So, take the ‘F’ train down to ‘J’ strEET.
Oh, Sadowsky guitars are so nEAT.
New york is a place with exciteMENT.
You might finally know what I MEANT.

HANging around the corners of the Big Apple to SEE
HANdy proof of the fact that it’s a place for Typsy GypSY.

Take the ‘F’ train to Bowery strEET.
Fake the melody off down bEAT.

100.DV010.Déjà Vu (Paris, France)

Some say there no meaning to lIFE.
Meaning to war and some strIFE.
You have the chores as a housewIFE.
And work so hard all your lIFE.

Two weeks of oceanscapes in PraiaNO.
The ballgame I saw with BruNO.
Relaxing days spent playing UNO.
Debating to see yes or NO.

All the fond mem’ries do maen a lot to my own perception
as we keep recollecting each of them.

All of those fond mem’ries.
They all end so quickly.
There’s an ending to every single scene.
All of those fond mem’ries.
They all end so quckly.
End in a flash.
Don’t they mean anything?

Reminiscence of all the things,
of all the timeless experience of Déjà Vu.
Once it’s been fermenTED.
as you wanTED.
never ever fade away.